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In the DuckTales reboot, Scrooge is a superhero and Donald is Indiana Jones

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In this first look at the upcoming DuckTales reboot, it’s pretty clear that the new show is going to lean harder on the adventures and mayhem that made the original series so memorable. Here, as in the first run, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are left in the care of their obscenely rich great-uncle Scrooge McDuck by Donald Duck. But they soon learn that Scrooge is not only a wealthy businessman, but also a great explorer, while Donald is “one of the most daring adventurers of all time.” Go figure!

DuckTales is already well-known for playing on adventure serial tropes, like hunting for lost civilizations and secret treasure. For this show, however, Disney may be playing down Scrooge’s history of being a miserly anti-hero to make him more of a quasi-superhero figure who drives submarines and fights dragons. (It certainly helps that David Tennant is selling the character so hard.) Also, the idea that Louie is the “evil” triplet is just hilarious without context. DuckTales will debut on Disney XD sometime this year.