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How to get a Nintendo Switch if you didn't preorder

How to get a Nintendo Switch if you didn't preorder

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The Nintendo Switch is finally here, and all your buddies are out playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and milking virtual cows while you watch, sick with envy.

Whether you missed out on preorders, or just wanted to wait and see reviews first before dropping the $300 on a new console, all hope isn’t lost if you’re hoping to still nab a Switch today. So we’ve rounded up the best options for picking Nintendo’s latest console as soon as possible.


GameStop is your best bet for trying to get a console online. It’ll have two bundles available on March 3rd: one for $454.99 that includes a Switch, Zelda, a Pro Controller, and an official guide to Breath of the Wild; and a cheaper $429.99 bundle that has just the Switch, Zelda, and the Pro controller.

Alternatively, GameStop will have “a very limited supply” of consoles available in stores starting at 12:01AM on March 3rd.


Target will have Switches available online and in stores on March 3rd. Stores open at 8AM ET if you’re trying in-person, but the company has yet to confirm when exactly it’ll have stock available on its website to purchase. Refresh early, and refresh often if you’re going to try and snag one online.

Best Buy

Best Buy is also sold out of online purchases and preorders, but there will be limited quantities of Switches available at 12:01AM ET on March 3rd. But you’ll probably want to line up early.


Like almost every other major retailer, Walmart is sold out online, at least for now. But there will be Switches available in-person at Walmart stores starting at 12:01AM, at least while supplies last. But you’ll probably want to get there early (or call first) if you’re thinking about heading over.


Totally sold out online, unfortunately, but you can sign up to be notified when they get more in stock here.

We’ll continue to update this post as we hear word on Switch availability.

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