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AT&T is bundling free HBO with DirecTV Now’s most expensive channel bundles

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James Bareham / The Verge

AT&T already gifted a free year of HBO to early subscribers of its DirecTV Now streaming TV service. But now the company is leveraging the premium network in another way: to entice consumers considering DirecTV Now into picking one of the more expensive channel packages. Today AT&T announced that customers on the Go Big ($60 per month) or Gotta Have It ($70) channel tiers will receive a free year of HBO at no extra cost. The credit will be applied within three bill cycles, according to the offer’s fine print.

HBO is normally a $5 add-on on top of standard programming costs, so you’re saving $60 over the course of a year with this promotion — if you’re interested in the content offered in those channel bundles. Here’s the big grid showing which channels are offered in each DirecTV Now package. If you prepay for three months of the service, you’ll get a free Apple TV set-top box. Both of these offers conclude on March 30th.

DirecTV Now pulled in 200,000 subscribers during its first four weeks after launch, though AT&T hasn’t yet provided more recent totals on its big push in streaming TV. The people who signed up for the limited time $35-for-over-100-channels deal are definitely still coming out ahead, but this isn’t a bad bonus if you want to ditch cable and move to internet TV.