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You can now order emergency booze and food using Prime Now on Alexa

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Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s free two-hour delivery service, Prime Now, is now available on Alexa. That means that if you’re a paying Prime subscriber and own an Alexa-supported device (like the Echo or Echo Dot) you can order “tens of thousands of daily essentials” that will arrive at your door in just two hours. And, in a small number of cities (Seattle, Columbus, and Cincinnati) you can even order wine, beer, and spirits — perfect if you’re cooking for company and need to do a quick booze run.

As ever with Prime Now there are some restrictions to bear in mind. Firstly, you can’t order anything you like from Amazon — just common consumer items, including things like diapers, food, basic electronics (think USB cables and headphones), and some medication. Prime Now isn’t available everywhere, either, and doesn’t run all day. You’ll also have to specify that you want to use the service when ordering from Alexa, asking the assistant to “order [item X] from Prime Now.”