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I love this 45-minute Instagram Live tutorial by Rihanna

I love this 45-minute Instagram Live tutorial by Rihanna


‘Nobody is answering my question!’

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Last night, Rihanna used Instagram’s relatively new Live feature to live stream herself watching her Bates Motel debut, surrounded by some friends and some drinks. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube, thanks to a dedicated fan (of Instagram Live videos), and I must say: it is 45 heartrending minutes of feeling like this is as close as you will ever get to actually watching TV with Rihanna.

But more importantly, it’s a great tutorial for Instagram Live, which I had previously not attempted to use, due to fear. Rihanna helpfully points out many of the feature’s quirks, mainly by shouting furious questions about them to the other people in the room.

For example:

  • “What do you do with the hearts on the side?”
  • “Every time they press a heart, it comes up here?”
  • “I can’t do anything with the hearts?”
  • “I can’t send them back?”

At one point, she needs to send a text, and figures out that you can pause the Live video to do so. I actually had no idea! Thank you Rihanna, and congratulations on your acting career, and I love you.

Before signing off, Rihanna admitted to her 40,000 viewers, “I only got to read like eight comments, to be honest. I’ll try to do better next time.” Then, upon realizing that A&E was about to re-air the episode of Bates Motel she just watched, she cheered and took a swig of something from a can labeled “Shot.”

I give this tutorial 1,000 sidebar hearts out of a possible 1,000 sidebar hearts.