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Watch an interview with the man who created the sound effects in Nickelodeon’s Doug

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Fred Newman is the voice actor responsible for most of the sound effects in Nickelodeon’s Doug, including the theme song, and he’s also the subject of Great Big Story’s most recent great big story. In the video interview above, Newman discusses how he soundtracked the world of Doug Funnie using only his mouth.

Throughout the series, Newman also voiced characters like Doug’s friend Skeeter, the frontman of The Beets, whose vocals were apparently inspired by Sting, and even Doug’s dog Porkchop. “I did a lot of dogs in movies,” Newman says.

As AV Club points out, Great Big Story also created an interactive Doug Soundboard, where you can click around and hear Newman in action. Like a synth of nostalgia, there’s a button for that immediately recognizable breathy beatbox, a “Killer Tofu” riff, and the superhero-summoning Quail Call.