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Steam competitor GOG Galaxy now supports cloud saves for classic games

Steam competitor GOG Galaxy now supports cloud saves for classic games


And new ones, too

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GOG Galaxy

PC gaming client GOG Galaxy — billed as a DRM-free alternative to Steam — is getting a big update that adds cloud-saving functionality to a number of games on the service. The software update, which brings Galaxy up to version 1.2, introduces what the company calls “universal cloud saves.” This is something that developers can add to new games released on the platform, but it also means that a number of classic games — which are big part of the GOG library — will be updated with the ability to sync saves across PCs and back up saves to the cloud.

At present, only a handful of older titles will support the cloud feature, including Planescape: Torment, Dragon Age Origins, Heroes of Might & Magic III, and Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines. But GOG says that it will be “constantly working on including this feature in more and more games,” including both new releases and classic titles. Your saves also won’t be tied just to GOG Galaxy. “Cloud saves are not locked behind the gaming platform,” the company explains. “At any moment users can download backup of their saves data and use it as they see fit.”

The Galaxy update also introduces a few other useful features, including a new hibernate mode to save battery life, the ability to capture screenshots, and a new chat system and more streamlined client overlay.

Cloud saves are just the latest feature added by GOG, as it attempts to turn Galaxy into a more user-friendly alternative to Steam. In addition to being DRM-free, Galaxy has also added features like the ability to roll back troublesome game updates, and an option to import select Steam games if you want to switch clients.

The update is out now for users who opt in, and will be available to all users in April.