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I can’t wait to get my hands on the next generation of shade-throwing emoji

Say STFU with a smile

New emoji are on the horizon, and Emojipedia is here to provide some idea of what they might look like. The site created mock-ups of 69 samples, including a few that will prove useful to anyone looking to spread a little playful disrespect.

Throwing shade with emoji requires a little creativity. You can go the obvious route with an eye-rolling emoji, but that’s basic. The nail care emoji (a personal favorite) is a classic, yet subtle, dig. Still, what’s the best way to politely recommend someone just stop speaking? This little fella.

The “face with finger covering closed lips” emoji is perfect in its passive-aggressiveness. It’s not mad at you. Notice the smirk. It’s just disappointed that you’re still speaking. Have you considered shutting up, for your own good?

Emojipedia also has mock-ups for two other emoji to raise your trash talk game: a raised eyebrow and giggling behind your hand — because there is no power move greater than laughing in someone’s face.

Anyway, now that’s settled, we can move on to the next big issue: Who’s hotter, Aquaman emoji or Legolas emoji?