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Watch an entire action scene from the new Ghost in the Shell

Watch an entire action scene from the new Ghost in the Shell


When Blade Runner meets The Matrix meets the original anime

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Fans and critics have been discussing the Hollywood remake of Ghost in the Shell for so many months, you might think the film is already available on VOD. But no, we’re still a week away from its March 31st release. Paramount Pictures has tried many times to jumpstart positive word of mouth, finding ways to celebrate the original anime feature or the stunning art design of the remake. Now, it’s decided to just show the world the intro.

The above video is a five-minute action sequence from early in the film, one that has been shown in bits and pieces in the various teasers and trailers. It is, on a purely style level, a rapid-fire homage to the past four decades of techno-thrillers: the Blade Runner skyline, The Matrix visualization of the world, the Watch Dogs logic of “let me tap this button and I can see everything in this building because I am Hacker God.”

It looks like an enjoyable and problematic and occasionally beautiful action movie. I’m really curious what y’all think. Let’s meet in the comments.