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Instagram says all users can now protect their accounts with two-factor authentication

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It took over a year to roll this out to everyone

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Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom today confirmed that two-factor authentication is now available to all of the app’s users worldwide. The company first announced plans to roll out two-factor over a year ago in February 2016 — and it was late to adapt the important security measure even then. It should have never taken this long. But now it’s finally in place for everyone.

To enable it (and there’s zero reason not to), head into your settings menu and you should see the option right above the “posts you’ve liked” section.” When two-factor authentication is enabled, Instagram will send your mobile number a security code whenever your account is accessed from a new device. That code is required before the login can be successfully completed. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t support the use of third-party authenticator apps like Authy or Google Authenticator.

You can also save backup codes in the event that you lose access to your phone. Instagram cleverly includes options to copy those codes or screenshot them for saving elsewhere directly from the app.