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Nerf John Wick might be as badass as movie John Wick

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I haven’t even seen John Wick: Chapter 2 yet, but I do know that it involves Keanu Reeves killing lots of people for his dog’s enjoyment. As far as action movies go, that’s hard to top, but “Nerf John Wick” might be the perfect parody-slash-homage we never asked for. Here, instead of actual pistols and assault rifles, John is taking out his enemies with the most awesome array of nerf guns imaginable.

Overall, the short is a mix of badass fight choreography and the ridiculous fun of a Nerf fight. There’s something so funny about a bunch of masked assassins taking on a walking killing machine being undercut by the “plips” you hear anytime someone fires a shot. Of course, catching a Nerf dart in midair and slamming it into an enemy’s head is always awesome.