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Trump got in a truck, made some funny faces, and the internet reacted accordingly

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‘I am Speed’

President Trump Meets With Truckers And CEO's At The White House Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Donald Trump welcomed members of the American Trucking Association to the White House today to listen to truckers and CEOs talk about health care. Later, the leader of the free world got in the cab of a truck and pretended to drive it. He pulled the horn and made some funny faces that were probably intended to look cool and tough.

The internet then did what it does, which was to have itself a laugh.

As one of my colleagues noted in Slack later, “This is like every embarrassing photo of George W. Bush ever taken, including the fake upside-down book picture, rolled into one and doubled.”

There is a rich history of politicians climbing behind the wheel of vehicles or aircraft that are way outside their ability to actually operate. It’s probably too soon to say whether Trump’s magical trucker cosplay will rise to the level of Bush’s infamous flight suit mishap, or Michael Dukakis’s ill-fated tank photo op. If anything, these photos will go down in infamy simply because they happen to coincide with the slow-motion implosion of the Republican-led effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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