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The Green Ranger is coming to the Power Ranger sequels

The Green Ranger is coming to the Power Ranger sequels

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With the Power Rangers reboot now in theaters, Saban finally saw its chance to tease one of the most beloved Rangers ever: the Green Ranger. Thanks to a tweet published last night, fans can now expect the evil ranger to make an appearance in the nigh-inevitable Power Rangers sequel.

The Green Ranger is the alter ego of Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank), who made his Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series debut back in 1993 during the five-part “Green with Evil” miniseries. Originally conceived as an evil nemesis for the five original Rangers, the character eventually returned and joined the team as its sixth Ranger. He’d go on to become one of the most iconic Rangers in the entire franchise.

Given his status among fans, Green Ranger’s arrival was almost certainly inevitable. And he’ll likely have plenty of opportunity to show off his skills (at least until the White Ranger shows up). According to Variety, producer Haim Saban has plans for five more follow-ups, so long as today’s release does well. “If this film is as successful as I hope on March 24,” he said, “on March 25 we’ll have the first story meeting for Movie No. 2.”