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A guaranteed strategy to make Escape from New York the next mega-franchise

A guaranteed strategy to make Escape from New York the next mega-franchise

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Escape From New York

Late last week, Deadline announced that Grindhouse and From Dusk Till Dawn director Robert Rodriguez will direct a remake of John Carpenter’s 1981 film Escape from New York. It’s being written by Luther’s Neil Cross, with Carpenter serving as executive producer. According to Deadline, “the hope is to reinvent the property with an eye toward launching a Planet Of The Apes-like franchise.”

If the reboot follows the conventions established by Carpenter’s 1996 sequel Escape from LA, there’s a very specific setup here: one guy has to systematically infiltrate every city in the United States, which has somehow turned into a huge patchwork of uniquely dystopian hellscapes, in order to rescue either the president or a member of the president’s family. Technically, though, an Escape from New York series would only have one rule, which is that people need to keep escaping from things. In that spirit, we’ve put together a helpful 30-year transmedia roadmap for the franchise.

  • 2018: Escape from New York
  • 2019: Escape from Williamsburg (a novelty microbrew)
  • 2020: Escape from Portland (a Portlandia escape room crossover event)
  • 2023: Escape from DC (pitch: “Escape from New York, but backwards”)
  • 2023: Escape from the Legislative Process (an educational tie-in video game)
  • 2025: Escape from New York to Beautiful Salt Lake City (sponsored by Utah tourism board)
  • 2026: Escape from Escape from New York (Rodriguez’s last installment)
  • 2029: Escape from Urban Intergenerational Poverty (a documentary)
  • 2032: Escape from Glenwood, Washington, Population 484 (a community theater production)
  • 2035: Escape from Dartmouth (an indie coming-of-age drama and frank examination of social inequality set in an Ivy League fraternity)
  • 2036: National Lampoon’s Escape from Dartmouth, Part 2: Animal House (9 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes)
  • 2037: Escape from New York Pizza (a restaurant road trip TV series)
  • 2039: Escape from the Independent Republic of California (unreleased, due to sensitivity concerns, after Calexit War Armistice)
  • 2043: Escape from Wichita (a Netflix slow-TV special about the orderly disassembly of poorly situated McConnell Air Force Base)
  • 2044: Escape from Fort Greene (first installment directed by Tavi Gevinson)
  • 2046: Escape from Scranton (The Office’s 10th and final season, and the long-awaited on-screen return of Amy Adams)
  • 2047: Escape from New New York (reboot)