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Verizon will start testing 4K streams on its Fios TV service

Verizon stock new logo 2017 Chris Welch

Verizon has agreed to start testing out 4K channels on its Fios TV service as part of a trial with satellite operator SES, the companies announced today. SES will deliver nine 4K channels to Fios users in the trial: Fashion One 4K, Insight, Travelxp 4K, Nature Relaxation, C4K360, 4K Universe, UHD1, SES Demo Channel, and NASA TV UHD.

As you’ll notice, none of those channels are major networks, so you’re probably not missing much, but the trial should help Verizon get ready for a wider 4K rollout in the near future (hopefully). With reported plans for a new internet-based set-top box that may be released later this year, Verizon’s 4.5 million subscribers may be enjoying 4K content sooner than they think.