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Google Wifi is coming to the UK next week

Google Wifi is coming to the UK next week

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Alongside the news that the Google Home voice assistant speaker will be available in the UK next week, Google is announcing that its dubiously punctuated Wifi router system is on the way too. Google Wifi will go on sale on April 6th, like Google Home, and also costs £129. 

That’s just for one unit, though — as with similar products such as Eero, the advantage of Google Wifi is that you can use multiple routers to create a mesh network and give your house better coverage. A two-pack of Google Wifi units will cost £229 in the UK; this is slightly different to the US launch, where one Wifi cost $129 and a three-pack sold for $299. 

As well as Google’s own site, Google Wifi will be available from British retailers including Dixons, Argos, Maplin and John Lewis, and will also come to Amazon “soon.”