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Destiny 2’s teaser trailer brings something new to the franchise — a sense of humor

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A franchise first

Just a day after officially announcing Destiny 2, Bungie is back with a cinematic trailer. And while the trailer doesn’t show off any new gameplay details for the upcoming shooter or any information at all regarding release date or platforms, it does hint that the sequel could finally be bringing something new to the franchise: a sense of humor.

The teaser features Cayde-6 (voiced by everyone’s favorite ruggedly handsome rogue Nathan Fillion), regaling the audience of adventures that featured, in his own words “a lot of shooting,” while nursing a drink at a bar. The camera then pans out to show that Cayde-6 is actually battling in what appears to be the ruins of the Last City (an important Destiny location) before running back into the fight.

The first Destiny game was criticized for its overly serious tone and confusing story (that is, when the plot existed at all). The trailer seems like a good sign that Bungie is looking to correct both those issues and embracing the sci-fi wackiness with open arms in the upcoming sequel.

Additionally, a PlayStation channel version of the video confirmed that, like the original game, Destiny 2 will feature PS4 exclusive content that will be locked to Sony’s console until at least fall 2018. More information detailing exactly what content will be PlayStation-exclusive should be coming “later this summer.”

Fans won’t have too long to wait for further details on Destiny 2, either, with Bungie set to fully take the wraps off the upcoming title in a worldwide reveal trailer on March 30th at 1PM EST.