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Google Calendar finally has a proper iPad app

Google Calendar finally has a proper iPad app


And proper notification widgets are coming

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Google Calendar’s iPhone app is not the most innovative calendar app on the iPhone by any stretch of the imagination. It’s simple, straightforward, and relatively easy to use. But for people who use GSuite or advanced features in Google Calendar like booking rooms or “find a time,” it’s often the best option.

Until they switch to their iPad, that is, and they’re faced with a garish, blown-up phone version of the app.

That changes today, as Google is finally rolling out an iPad-native version of Google Calendar. From what little we can glean from the screenshot above and Google’s blog post, it looks like a shot-for-shot remake of the iPhone version, just utilizing the larger screen real estate better.

Literally as an addendum, Google is also promising that more updates are coming for Google Calendar on iOS — including a much-needed “Today” widget that will show upcoming events on the lock screen or in the notification shade.

The iPad app should be available for download today.