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Windows 10's Creators Update arrives on April 11th

Windows 10's Creators Update arrives on April 11th

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Microsoft is planning to distribute its free Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11th. The update will start rolling out to machines during the next Patch Tuesday, and Microsoft plans to release it gradually to existing devices. If you don’t want to wait a couple of weeks, Microsoft is already hosting download images of the final Windows 10 Creators Update build (15063).

While the Creators Update was originally scheduled to include People integration and Windows Mixed Reality, these features have been pushed back for consumers until later this year. The Windows 10 Creators Update still includes a good number of new features, though. Chief among them is a new Game Mode for Windows 10 PCs that prioritizes system resources to a game. It’s designed to ensure games run at the best frame rate possible. Microsoft is also adding its Beam streaming to the Windows 10 Xbox app, to allow PC gamers to easily stream game play on its service.

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3D Paint app

As this is designed to be for creators, Microsoft has focused on a new 3D Paint app for Windows 10. It comes bundled with the Creators Update, and it lets you easily create 3D objects that will eventually work with Windows Mixed Reality-enabled headsets later this year. There’s even support for 360-degrees videos in the movies and TV app, and a new ebook section of the Windows Store. Microsoft is also tweaking its Edge browser with a new tab management feature that lets you set aside and store collections of tabs, and adding support for reading ebooks.

Other features include a new night light feature that reduces blue light automatically at sunset, and a mini view that will keep movies, TV shows, or Skype calls on top in a picture-in-picture view. Microsoft is also allowing iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones to automatically lock Windows 10 PCs when you step away from a computer.

Most of the new features in the Creators Update are relatively minor, but welcome additions. All attention will now shift to Microsoft’s second major update to Windows 10, due later this year. The software maker is expected to detail this further at the company’s Build developers conference in May.