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The reboot of ReBoot stars human teens who love snacks

ReBoot, an animated kids’ series known for looking like a cutscene on the original PlayStation, is being remade as a live-action show on Canadian children’s channel YTV. The company shared a first look at the show on Twitter, and it’s noticeably absent of green people.

ReBoot aired from 1994–2001 and, like Power Rangers, Transformers, or Beauty and the Beast, it’s ripe for re-injecting into the veins of today’s youth. The original show takes place in a computer system called Mainframe, where guardian Bob and friends fight off viruses.

YTV had nothing else to share about the ReBoot reboot, aside from its puzzled, well-fed teens. I’d guess the kid in the gray jacket must be Bob. His nutritional knowhow is the stuff of real leaders.

No word on when ReBoot’s reboot is coming, but fans sound excited.