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The Wreck-It Ralph sequel's title is an awkward goof on Kim Kardashian

The Wreck-It Ralph sequel's title is an awkward goof on Kim Kardashian


Specifically some naked photos of her

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Wreck-It Ralph

Disney announced the title for its spring 2018 Wreck-It Ralph sequel at CinemaCon last night, and in my opinion it’s named after Kim Kardashian-West.

Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet is a pretty unwieldy title — it also incorporates a phrase most widely associated with Kim’s 2014 Paper magazine cover story, which was accompanied by photos of her face and butt and lots of questions about some different photos of her face and her butt. Last year, an Off-Broadway musical Katdashians: Break the Musical ran for a month in New York City, the Webby Awards created a new “Break the Internet” award specifically in honor of Kim in 2016, and thanks to a massive DDoS attack, the internet literally (mostly) broke on Kim’s birthday last year. It is Kim’s phrase.

Even Know Your Meme credits Kim with introducing the words “break the internet” into the lexicon, noting that Google searches for the phrase skyrocketed up from basically zero following her Paper cover. “Break the internet” has maintained steady search interest ever since.

The movie, which is probably about the Amazon S3 outage or net neutrality or something else that’s way too boring for children, is named after Kim’s nude photo spread. Thank you!