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Watch a new Pixar short set in the Coco universe

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Disney just shared a new, unreleased Pixar short on YouTube called Dante’s Lunch... A Short Tail. The story is set in the same universe as Pixar’s upcoming original movie, Coco — Pixar’s only film currently slated that’s not a sequel.

First spotted by journalist Brendon Connelly, Dante’s Lunch is just a brief, wild tour through Coco’s world, led by a dog (presumably Dante) chasing a bone. It’s likely an attempt to ramp up interest in Coco, although Pixar probably doesn’t need any help with that. Not only is Coco Pixar’s sole currently-announced original, but it’s also the studio’s first to feature an all-Latinx cast.

Still, even if Dante’s Lunch is basically just a commercial for Coco, it’s a really nice commercial. Watch it above.

Coco will be out in theaters on November 20th.