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Bob’s Burgers is using fan art to make its eighth season premiere

Bob’s Burgers is using fan art to make its eighth season premiere

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Bob’s Burgers, currently in its seventh season, is one of the finest animated series on TV. It’s smart, subversive, and consistently features some of the best comedians working today. And the show loves its fans — so much so that the creators now plan on animating next season’s premiere with fan art.

Remake ‘Bob’s Burgers’ however you see fit

Fox has set up a site, fittingly called Bob’s Fart, to allow fans to submit fan art to be used in the premiere. Submissions can be made in three categories: title sequence animations, static background panels, and static character panels. That means if you want to try to animated Bob in yet another Equestranauts costume wandering the beach, you absolutely can. Fox will be accepting submissions until March 13th at 11:59AM PT.

Other shows have certainly embraced online fan culture in the past. Adventure Time, for instance, famously gender-swapped its lead characters, Finn and Jake, to create Fionna and Cake based on drawings Bee and PuppyCat creator Natasha Allegri posted online in her spare time. However, animated an entire episode based on fan art takes things to a whole other level. The next season of Bob’s Burgers will debut sometime this fall.