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Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders are now live

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Yesterday, Samsung showed off its new, nearly bezel-less Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones, and today you can preorder it through all four major carriers in the US and Best Buy. Preorder shipments should arrive on April 21st when the device will be available in stores. The S8 and S8 Plus prices vary across retailers (you can see full pricing in our post here), but most have the S8 for $750 and the S8 Plus for $850. Verizon is one exception — it’s pricing the S8 at $720 and the S8 Plus at $840 — and Best Buy promises a savings of up to $100.

So why preorder and not just buy the phone when it’s out? All the carriers are offering a free Gear VR with any preorder, with some also offering the option of a $99 “Experience Box” with a Gear VR and Controller, Harman Kardon headphones, and a 256GB microSD card. Verizon is also offering various trade-in promotions. Happy Samsung day.