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Soundtracking your boring life is surprisingly entertaining

Soundtracking your boring life is surprisingly entertaining


My day, soundtracked

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Today, I attempted to soundtrack my office life. As you might expect, sometimes the life of a blogger isn’t all that thrilling — but maybe it would be if I had a perpetual soundtrack playing in the background. Moodelizer, a new iOS app that launched earlier this month but is officially being announced today won’t soundtrack your whole life, but it’ll provide you with music to play during any moment you want to record. An Android version is expected later this year.

The app features 15 “moods,” or tracks, at launch, including laugh tracks, techno club beats, and romantic ballads. The company behind the app relies on a network of 50 composers around the world to create these free and publicly licensed tracks. Although it’s just launching, the ultimate goal for Moodelizer — and for revenue creation — is to monetize the songs they have available. Brands could sponsor them, or artists could release limited edition tracks.

What I particularly like about this app is its design. It’s hip and utilizes a very of-the-moment color palette that includes millennial pink. It’s also simple to understand after you play around with it for a few minutes. You pick whatever soundtrack you want and then start recording while it plays in the background. Moodelizer is especially proud of its “pad” design, which basically means that you can drag your finger around the screen as you record to either intensify the sound or vary it. You can then save this video to share on any social media platform. It’s even saved in that perfect Instagram square.

Here’s a taste of what I made today:

More than anything, the app is fun to play with. I’ve never created content around a soundtrack, and it makes filming a fleeting moment more significant. I don’t like that I can’t retroactively add a soundtrack to a video, although the company says it’s working on it. I also don’t like that I can’t get rid of the bottom right-hand corner watermark. Branding isn’t cool. If this actually takes off on Instagram or Facebook, I’m sure we’ll get sick of these sounds real quick, so hopefully Moodelizer has a bunch backlogged and ready for release. The app is available now.