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Verizon reportedly planning online TV service for this summer

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Verizon stock new logo 2017 Chris Welch

It took a while, but it seems like everyone now wants in on online TV. The latest company to show interest is Verizon, which according to Bloomberg, is preparing to launch a nationwide streaming TV service in the US.

Bloomberg reports that Verizon hopes to launch a streaming service this summer. It would include “dozens” of channels and will likely be priced “similarly” to DirecTV Now ($35 to $70 per month) and Sling TV ($20 to $40 per month).

Verizon declined to comment.

It sounds like Verizon’s streaming service would be a full-on competitor to DirecTV and Sling, as well as upcoming services from YouTube and Hulu. Bloomberg indicates that Verizon’s service would be available even to people who don’t subscribe to Verizon’s internet or phone services — unlike what Comcast is said to be planning.

There aren’t many details beyond that, but Bloomberg did offer one very good piece of news: this service will be separate from Go90.