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Netflix Live is a beautiful, Will Arnett-narrated ASMR experience (and a prank)

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‘It is a burrito. Well that’s good’

In a decent dunk on Facebook Live, Netflix is now showing a sneak peak of “Netflix Live” — a live stream of “life’s biggest thrills,” featuring Will Arnett. “Toasters toasting. Grass growing. Fans blowing.”

Yes, we’re hitting the annual brand apocalypse known as April Fools’ Day, where companies try to convince us of their most “hilarious” stupid ideas, like Roku’s SnackSuggest, or Hulu’s eight-second summary channel Hu. But there really are 48 prerecorded, watchable minutes of Arnett doing a bizarre ASMR narration. It’s a stream-of-consciousness discussion touching on everything from copy machines to parallel parking. The video is mesmerizing, in the way that only a husky-voiced celebrity talking about mundane things on a Friday morning could be.

This isn’t a very believable April 1st prank, but it sure is a soothing one. It’s unclear how long the video will be watchable, but for now, you can log in and find it on the Netflix homepage. There’s a 50 percent chance it will make you want more videos of Will Arnett discussing office supplies that you’re never going to get — further proof that April Fools’ is just the worst day of the year.