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Vergecast 250: Galaxy S8 hands-on, FCC privacy rulings, and Ghost in the Shell

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The newest episode from The Verge podcast team

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Welcome back! We have a great show for you today. No really! If you listen to this podcast, you know Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 this week, so Nilay and Dieter bring in senior editor and friend of the show, Dan Seifert, who recently took a trip to South Korea to tour Samsung’s headquarters.

On the second half of the show, news editor Jake Kastrenakes joins to discuss his coverage of the FCC and privacy ruling in Congress.

There’s even more! Megan Farokhmanesh is here to enlighten the crew on the culture side of site, including Persona 5 and Ghost in the Shell.

Theres a bunch of little topics sprinkled in between this focused episode, so listen through to find them all.

00:43 - Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S8

17:46 - Samsung’s Bixby assistant

33:13 - Persona 5 review

42:16 - Ghost in the Shell review

50:23 - FCC reporting

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