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Oh no, Netflix’s Final Fantasy 14 drama is still called Daddy of Light

Coming this fall

Netflix is bringing Final Fantasy 14: Daddy of Light to a worldwide audience this fall. The show is about the father-son bond formed over a mutual love of Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix’s massively multiplayer role-playing take on the Final Fantasy series. News was spotted today by The Verge’s sister site and daddy enthusiast Polygon.

We’ve seen various Final Fantasy stories in animated film and TV forms several times over the years, but Daddy of Light is something different — a hybrid of live-action and Final Fantasy 14 gameplay, rooted in a world based on our own. There’s a kernel of truth to the show’s narrative, which was inspired by a Japanese blog about a Final Fantasy 14 player introducing the game to his elderly father.

It’s hardly a surprising get for the streaming service, which aired the Hawaii-based version of Terrace House as a Netflix Original and is preparing for a live-action adaptation of Death Note later this year. Final Fantasy 14: Daddy of Light is a perfect middle-child to these shows: an examination of everyday life in Japan hinged around a beloved property.

The show will air on Japanese TV channels MBS and TBS April 16th, while Netflix subscribers in Japan can watch beginning April 20th.