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New trailers: Guardians of the Galaxy, Alien: Covenant, and a ton of Netflix

New trailers: Guardians of the Galaxy, Alien: Covenant, and a ton of Netflix

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 still

So the Oscars happened. I haven't seen all the year's Best Picture nominees, but I can't imagine liking one more than Moonlight — the fact that it's so far from a traditional Hollywood film makes its win all the more exciting.

I also caught up on Hidden Figures last weekend, since it was the last nominee I really wanted to see. The film's just as wonderful as everyone's saying — it somehow manages to be energetic, fun, and funny while also dealing in a very serious way with racism, segregation, and sexism. Having such a strong leading trio certainly helps (as does music by Pharrell).

Check out 11 new trailers from this week below.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

A new trailer is out for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and it has the film looking every bit as colorful, ridiculous, and fun as the first. Come for the music, stay for... probably more music. It comes out May 5th.

Alien: Covenant

On one hand, it sure looks like Alien: Covenant is returning to the lonely environments and constant tension that made the original so beloved; on the other, it seems like the Alien series is again basing a film around a few set piece moments designed back in 1979. Surely there's more in this universe to explore, right? It comes out May 19th.

The Promise

The Promise looks like it could become one of the biggest movies of the next few months. It starts out as a sweeping romance, but the film ultimately appears to be a dark exploration of the Armenian genocide. Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale star. It comes out April 21st.


Netflix has a ton of trailers out this week (see everything below), but its biggest is for Bright, starring Will Smith. This teaser debuted during the Oscars, but I wasn't really paying attention because it kind of seemed like it was going to be a Suicide Squad thing — turns out, it's just directed by the same guy behind Suicide Squad. The movie has Will Smith playing a cop in a gritty version of Earth where orcs and elves and fairies exist. Okay! It's supposed to come out sometime this December.

Berlin Syndrome

Director Cate Shortland returns with a thriller about a woman who's taken captive by a man while traveling through Germany. Berlin Syndrome looks like a scary exploration of abuse, and early reviews out of Sundance say it does a powerful job of showing just that — you can read ours right here. There doesn't appear to be a US release date yet, but it's headed to Netflix.

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

Netflix has grabbed comedy specials from a pair of big stars, the first of which is Amy Schumer — it appears to be exactly as forthcoming as you'd expect. It'll be out March 7th.

Dave Chappelle stand-up specials

Netflix's other big comedy special is from Dave Chappelle — two of them, actually. Netflix is hardly even offering a trailer here, but hey, it's something. The two stand up sets are supposed to come out March 21st.


Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho first hit it big a decade ago with The Host, a movie about a strange monster created from humans dumping chemicals into a river. He now seems to be turning back to that kind of idea with Okja, a film about a genetically engineered creature — though this time, apparently, a friendly one. The film comes out June 28th.


David Fincher is behind this dark and moody-looking crime series headed to Netflix. Mindhunter is about agents in the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit back in 1979 solving... something. There's not much detail yet, and this trailer is mostly just a bunch of concerned-sounding phrases set to tense music. I guess that's a fine start. The show comes out this October.

Five Came Back

Netflix's next big documentary is Five Came Back, a look at five filmmakers who were sent overseas by the US to document World War II on film. Alongside this documentary, Netflix is also going to be streaming 13 films that get referenced in Five Came Back, which means you'll really be able to dive into the history of it. It all comes to March 31st.


It's impossible not to compare this to Stranger Things. Dark is a new TV series on Netflix about children going missing, strange events, and people wandering through foggy forests with flashlights. It looks gorgeous, and it definitely seems that — like Stranger Things — there's more to it than a simple kidnapping. The show is supposed to premiere in "Winter 2017," which is technically happening right now, but I'm assuming Netflix means the end of the year.