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iFixit’s latest teardown takes a look inside the Nintendo Switch

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Lots of screws

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With the Nintendo Switch now out in stores, iFixit has torn one apart to see what’s inside. One thing’s for sure: it’s quite a bit more complicated than the NES Classic Edition.

While there’s a bunch of parts to be taken apart, the tablet is the most interesting. Opening it up the team observed that it “looks like a computer! Battery, heatpipe, thermal paste, fan. It’s all there.” iFixit noted that the 16Wh battery seemed to be a priority, but also that it wasn’t something that a user could easily replace. They report that there’s a number of components that can easily be replaced, such as the screen, the motherboard, antennas, and other components.

There are some pitfalls, however. Users need a special screwdriver to get into the main device, and the display is glued on, which requires some additional heat and prying. Ultimately, the site rates the Switch an 8 out of 10 when it comes to repairability.