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Here’s the Deadpool 2 teaser playing before Logan

Here’s the Deadpool 2 teaser playing before Logan


‘Not on my watch, motherfucker’

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There’s no end credits scene playing at the end of Logan (which is fine by us), but there is a taste of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 playing before the film. The long teaser, titled No Good Deed, is an extended bit that takes no small amount of inspiration from another notable superhero franchise.

Reynolds shared the video this morning on Twitter, and it’s a fun one. Hearing an altercation, Wade Wilson runs to change into his costume, finding a nearby telephone booth. He changes to the tune of John Williams’ Superman films before leaping into action, only to discover that he’s a bit too late to save the day.

There’s plenty of visual gags in the background (not to mention a Stan Lee cameo), and the bit ends with a lengthy ramble. The teaser shows that at the very least, we can expect the same irreverent humor in the sequel film, whenever it comes.