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Send us photos of your workplace during the Day Without a Woman

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We want to see!

The Coal Mining Communities Of Northern Spain Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Wednesday is the “Day Without a Woman” strike, and all across the country women are gearing up to not show up for work. Here at The Verge, we are ready to have no science section, no social media team, no copy editor, half of our news editors, half of our reporters, and basically no video team.

But if you are at work on Wednesday, please send us a photo. We want to put together the broadest understanding possible of what a “Day Without a Woman” looks like. For example:

  • We want to see which industries and offices are still at full working capacity because they only employ dudes. Hey, allies: it’s your responsibility to tattle.
  • We want to see which industries and offices will grind completely to a halt because they’re built on the backs of women. Boys, show us your helplessness.
  • We want to see where there are women who still have to go to work because employers have made it clear they would face consequences if they didn’t. Again, dudes, you can put your neck out and be the snitch here (only if you think it’s safe, obviously).
  • If your workplace is expressing solidarity in some way besides striking, show us that.
  • If you identify as female and you work from home or run your own business, we want your selfies.
  • If you’re striking from domestic labor, we want to see it. What does your home look like without the work you do?

You can send photos to us on Twitter (we’re @verge) or via email ( You can also reach us on Signal: 646-412-7005.