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Microsoft imagines the Surface-powered office of the future

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Microsoft is teaming up with Steelcase, designers of office furniture, to envision a Surface-powered office of the future. The collaboration involves ideas on how to best design workspaces and furniture at a time when devices are rapidly changing to fit the new ways of working. Microsoft is highlighting five “Creatives Spaces” that make the most of Surface hardware.

An accompanying video shows off these spaces in action, but the workspaces look like a perfect environment that isn’t going to be replicated any time soon in many corporate offices worldwide. Nevertheless, Steelcase plans to show off this combination of office furniture worldwide in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Munich, and London.

Microsoft has been fascinated with creating workspaces of the future. The software giant has regularly produced future vision videos that include unique furniture and giant touch-driven displays. Microsoft started delivering on its vision of the future with products like the Surface Hub and Surface Studio, and its collaboration with Steelcase looks like another part of making those dreamy vision videos become a reality.