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Sony’s PlayStation Vue now lets you watch three TV channels at once

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Sony’s bringing picture-in-picture mode to the streaming TV era. Today the company announced a new “multi-view” feature — launching first on PS4 — that allows PlayStation Vue subscribers to watch up to three TV channels on-screen simultaneously.

To pull up multiple channels, you just hold the X button while in Vue’s guide. From there, you choose whether you want to use the two-channel or three-channel viewing mode. Audio will play from whichever channel is in the primary / largest box, which you can change by selecting one of the other channels on-screen and hitting square.

Sony expects sports fans will get the most use out of multi-view, according to its blog post. “With March Madness starting next week, this will be a great way to catch several live games at once from TNT, TBS, TruTV and CBS.” (Sports scores are coming to Vue “soon.”) But multi-view can also prove convenient for a mix of primetime programming, news, or live events like awards shows.