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DirecTV Now is giving early subscribers a free year of HBO

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Maybe that’s enough to make up for the glitches

Game of Thrones Season 4 promotional images (HBO) HBO

Did you sign up for DirecTV Now back when the streaming TV service first launched? Check your email. AT&T is rewarding early customers by adding a free year of HBO to their existing channel package — “no strings attached.”

The offer doesn’t just cover DirecTV Now’s earliest adopters; anyone who signed up prior to March 6th is eligible, according to this FAQ. HBO is usually a $5 add-on on top of whatever subscription package you choose with DirecTV Now. The free “loyalty gift” runs through March 7th, 2018.

“We want to thank you for being one of our most valuable customers and coming on this unprecedented journey with us,” the email says. For some subscribers, that journey has been a bit rocky, but the company says it’s fully “dedicated to making DirecTV Now the best streaming entertainment product in the industry.”