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Christian Koenigsegg thinks he built the ‘perfect winter car’

Christian Koenigsegg thinks he built the ‘perfect winter car’


He might be right

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Living in Colorado, I know a lot about driving in the snow. I have Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded winter tires for both my cars, and they allow my front-wheel drive vehicles to competently handle winter weather. Install high-quality winter tires on a car and it’s astonishing how well they can perform. Christian Koenigsegg, founder of Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg, agrees.

“Our owners drove [their] cars over the Alps in terrible weather to get here,” Koenigsegg said to the Top Gear website at the Geneva Motor Show this week. “One of the drivers was on brand new winter tires, and many SUVs with winter tires were getting stuck and sitting there with their hazards on, but our car was good in the snow.”

A number of countries mandate the use of winter tires, meaning supercar owners who wish to drive their cars during the colder months — even when it’s not snowing — need to get winter tires fitted to their massive rims. Pirelli Sottozeros are popular; they are the tires fitted to the Koenigsegg Agera RS in the video above.

the idea of a 1,160-horsepower hypercar driving in a snowstorm is hilarious

Starting around the eight-minute mark, the video shows the $2 million Agera driving through a winter storm in the Alps with absolutely no problem. Though it’s hilarious to see an 1,160-horsepower hypercar driving through the snow, it’s also totally awesome — and, it seems, Koenigsegg agrees.

“As long as you have winter tires, they’re light, the grip-to-weight ratio is very good, the traction control and ESP is good, the centre of gravity makes it easy to control,” Koenigsegg told Top Gear about his cars. “In my mind, a Koenigsegg is a perfect winter car. You might need to lift the car for better ground clearance, of course, but because we have front and rear lift systems, we have better ground clearance than most supercars. The car should be fully useable.”

If you can’t enjoy a car, Koenigsegg said, “it’s basically useless.”