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Destiny is bringing back its old raids to usher in the end of the original game

Destiny is bringing back its old raids to usher in the end of the original game


Return to the Vault of Glass

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Bungie detailed its plans for the next (and last) major Destiny event, called Age of Triumph. As the final event in the original Destiny before Destiny 2 — expected later this year — Age of Triumph focuses on celebrating players’ achievements and features the return of the original raids: Vault of Glass, Crota's End, and King’s Fall.

The return of the old raids have been a frequent request of the Destiny community, and Bungie is finally delivering by bringing them up to the current levels of the game, along with some minor improvements to the actual gameplay. (For those out of the loop, Destiny content is typically gated by Light Level, which is determined by what gear the player has equipped. Older content and gear from the first year of the game were artificially capped, preventing them from being useful in the current endgame.)

Return to the original raids: Vault of Glass, Crota's End, and Kingsfall

The resurrected raids will feature new challenge modes and start at 390LL, putting it in the same difficulty level as the most recent Wrath of the Machine raid. In addition to the new difficult level, each raid will also rotate in as a weekly featured raid with new challenges activated, which offer unique rewards. Legacy weapons from those raids will also return with the update, although Bungie has yet to detail exactly how those weapons will be integrated into the current game.

Along with the updated raids, Bungie is adding a new record book, which gives players new items and rewards for completing different achievements in the game as a final celebration of a player’s accomplishments in the original Destiny. Similar to earlier Destiny achievement wrap-ups, completing enough of the record book will also make players eligible to purchase a customized comparative t-shirt.

It's a nice batch of content for fans — the Vault of Glass is possibly the best piece of content that Destiny has ever produced. It's also nice to have the classic raid weapons back, and new icons for reaching Destiny landmarks. While it's certainly nice that Bungie is doing something to recognize player's achievements over the past three years of Destiny, it's important to remember that all the in-game rewards and items won't transfer over to Destiny 2.

Age of Triumph will release on March 28th.