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The Game of Thrones season 7 poster promises ice, fire, and nothing else

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In an age of teasers that spoil the entire plot before the movie or show is even out, Game of Thronesseason 7 poster is impressively restrained. Where previous series posters have hinted at a character’s ascension, or promised long-awaited plot points, the newest example tells us only two things: there will be fire, and there will be ice.

Feel free to speculate from there about exactly what the union of fire and ice could mean. Does that mean the dragons will cross the narrow sea? Will Dany and Jon meet after years of waiting? Will the White Walkers try to breach the Wall? Will Dorne stand with the North? And will we finally work out where Gendry went in that little rowboat?

We’ll find out answers to some of those questions in summer this year, though we’re still not sure exactly when — HBO hasn’t announced the exact date that season 7 will premiere. Expect more information at SXSW, at which HBO has its own Game of Thrones-themed escape room, as well as panels that should give an insight into the show’s future. The Verge will be on the ground at the festival, and will have full details as soon as we know more, but keep those fan theories blazing in the meantime.