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Louis Vuitton made an iPhone case that costs seven iPhones

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Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk case Photo: Louis Vuitton

When shopping for an iPhone case, most people throw something like a thin $15 piece of plastic around their new phone and call it a day. But if you’re feeling a little more bold, Louis Vuitton can hook you up with a $5,500 case covered in golden crocodile leather, with four hard corners and a latch on it.

The fashion house introduced a series of iPhone cases this week, all called the Eye-Trunk. They’re sized for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and prices range from $1,180 for an iPhone 7 case with a canvas back and traditional Louis Vuitton pattern to $5,500 for an iPhone 7 Plus-sized case with crocodile leather on it. They’re supposed to be throwbacks to Louis Vuitton’s history as a luggage designer.

Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk
Only $1,180 if you can settle for canvas.
Photo: Louis Vuitton

Buying one all but guarantees that you’ll have the fanciest iPhone in the room. But it also has the unfortunate side effect of making you need a case for your iPhone case, because these iPhone cases are dramatically more expensive than the phone itself — you can buy about seven iPhone 7s for the price of Louis Vuitton’s top-of-the-line case. So if you pick one up, be careful: if you drop your phone, you might scratch your case.

Those less daring can always try one of Louis Vuitton’s prior cases, like this canvas folio, which is a mere half the price of an iPhone.

Eye-Trunk case front Photo: Louis Vuitton