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YouTube's new documentary follows a musician making art with the sounds of Iceland

The video giant is putting its promotional muscle behind smaller indie stars

YouTube is eager to highlight the indie creators making waves on its platform, and to begin testing its ability to create new stars. A few months back they worked with Norwegian pop star Aurora, using a swarm of drones to wrap her in a fabric cocoon. Today it premiered a short documentary about the creation of a new album from Låpsley.

Bored with the sounds and samples offered up in prepackaged music programs, Låpsley trekked off to Iceland. The video chronicles her journey around one of the world’s most striking landscapes, collecting field audio of crashing waves, bubbling hot springs, and a lot of rocks bouncing off one another.

The documentary only offers up a brief taste of a new track, and is meant to serve as an appetizer for fans waiting on her next album. As the video winds to an end, Låpsley reminisces about her first YouTube upload, a track she made in her bedroom at the age of 13. For this film YouTube worked with her label, XL Recordings, another sign that the video giant is looking to strengthen ties with the record industry.