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Up close with Aston Martin’s Valkyrie, a hypercar fit for a Norse god

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By the hammer of Thor, that’s a fine-looking vehicle

On Monday, The Verge revealed the name of the Aston Martin-Red Bull collaborative hypercar, the Valkyrie. Cool name, cool car.

Now, our man at the Geneva Auto Show, Vlad Savov, has gotten up close and personal with this mythological machine, so we wanted to give you more pretty pictures. Because let’s be honest: neither you nor I will ever get to drive this thing. The Valkyrie is one of those cars that will remain forever out of reach except for a select few. No more than 150 of these vehicles will ever be made, and they are all already sold out. This is literally as close as you’ll ever get. Relish it.

The Valkyrie joins the British carmaker’s other lineup of hypercars with “V” names, like the Vulcan, Virage, and Vanquish. “V has been very much a part of our history for 50 years,” Marek Reichman, chief creative officer for Aston Martin, told The Verge’s Jordan Golson. “We spent a lot of time thinking about it and Valkyrie is something — you can’t get any better than that.”

All that remains is to see how the Valkyrie performs on a track. We bet it'll even impress Odin.