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SoundCloud adds Chromecast support on iOS

SoundCloud adds Chromecast support on iOS


Almost two years after Android got it

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Amelia Krales

It’s pretty surprising that SoundCloud for iPhone and iPad didn’t work with Google’s Chromecast before today, but here we are. The app’s Android version has supported the feature since 2015, but SoundCloud has gotten around to adding Chromecast integration on the iOS side with today’s free update now in the App Store.

Users on both platforms can also now cast songs from SoundCloud Go+ — the company’s paid subscription service and Spotify rival. That change was added to Android a little over a week ago, and it’s ready on day one for iOS. After you’ve started playing a song over Chromecast, the app will make suggestions for additional tracks and albums to keep the lean-back listening session going.

SoundCloud is a big one for Chromecast to finally check off when it comes to cross-platform support. The music app remains massively popular, even if it’s continuously bleeding cash.