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Djay Pro arrives on Windows with streaming from Spotify

Djay Pro arrives on Windows with streaming from Spotify

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After a decade on the Mac, Djay has come to Windows.

The Windows 10 incarnation of Algoriddim’s powerful but easy-to-use DJing app is pretty much identical to what it’s like on macOS: it lets DJs control up to four tracks of audio, manipulate two videos at a time, connect to a selection of DJ controllers, and pull in any song they want from Spotify (so long as they’re a subscriber).

There aren’t many changes here aside from some minor visual tweaks to make the app better fit in on Windows. Although, on the off chance that you want to DJ on a Surface Studio, Algoriddim has added controls for the Surface Dial.

You can DJ with the Surface Dial on a 28-inch screen, if you really want

In a neat touch, those controls actually change depending on where the Dial is placed on-screen: place it on top of a deck, and it can be used to scratch; place it on the music library, and it can scroll through your catalog. It’s a cool trick, though DJing probably isn’t what most Surface Studios are getting used for.

Djay Pro on Windows 10
Photo: Algoriddim

The real question is how big of an audience awaits Algoriddim on Windows. Professional DJs tend to use Macs. And just like on the Mac, Algoriddim will face competition from Serato DJ and Traktor Pro, two popular apps with pros. Though Djay’s Spotify integration could help it stand out.

For now, Algoriddim says it’s reached 1 million monthly active users across all of its existing Djay apps, which are also on iOS, watchOS, and Android. Christoph Teschner, one of the company’s co-founders, says that it took about a year to develop the Windows version of the app and that the build time was dramatically shortened thanks to Microsoft’s Bridge tool, which assists developers in porting iOS apps to Windows 10.

Djay Pro is available through the Windows Store and will be regularly priced at $49.99, the same thing it sells for on macOS.