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The Nissan Rogue Trail Warrior Project is equipped with tank tracks

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Just look at this thing

Photo: Nissan

Stunt-happy Nissan installed tank tracks on its Rogue crossover because... well, I don’t know why. Because they knew the pictures would be awesome, I guess. But here I am, writing about it. And here you are, looking at pictures of it.

It’s something the company has done before. A few years ago, it put tracks on a Juke and drove it around in the snow. I wrote about that car, too.

This one is called the Nissan Rogue Trail Warrior Project and it’s a regular Nissan Rogue with a camouflage body wrap, yellow “military-style” glass on the headlamps, and DOMINATOR tracks from American Track Truck, Inc. The suspension and wheel wells were modified to fit the system, but Nissan says the rest of the powertrain — including engine, transmission, and all-wheel-drive system — are standard. Roof-mounted LED lights and a winch complete the setup.

No word on how much the setup would cost, but there’s nothing here that you couldn’t buy — if you really needed to drive over sand dunes or whatever. “With time and patience and creativity, you could have your own,” said Nissan spokesperson Dan Passe.

The Nissan Rogue Trail Warrior Project will be on display at the Nissan booth at the New York Auto Show from April 14th to the 23rd.

Photo by Jordan Golson / The Verge
A nissan rogue with tank treads for wheels