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Twitter lets brands customize hearts on Periscope

Home is where the ‘F8’ logo is

Twitter is adding a new feature to Periscope that will let brands add customized hearts to the live-streaming video app, according to TechCrunch. The new branded images will randomly pop up alongside the regular multi-colored hearts that appear on the side as viewers tap the usual “like” button on the side of the screen.

The Fast and Furious franchise was the first to get the custom hearts for a Periscope from the premiere of The Fate of the Furious, with the occasional colorful “F8” logo popping up in place of the usual hearts. The new hearts will show up on brand’s videos both online and in the Periscope app, whether live or replayed.

Brands aren’t free to just place whatever they want in place of hearts — rather, Twitter told TechCrunch that the bespoke likes will be designed in partnership with companies, allowing Twitter to both make sure that the images meet certain levels of quality and formatting. That collaborative process will also let Twitter ensure that objectionable content doesn’t make it through for custom hearts.

That said, Twitter isn’t commenting on what the process is for actually getting the custom hearts or how much the service will cost, although it’s likely a similar process to the company’s existing custom hashtag emoji feature.