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Best Buy’s unofficial fan community is better than million-dollar ad campaigns

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It’s not affiliated with the company

Photo by razrad / Reddit

The Best Buy subreddit is not affiliated with Best Buy the company in any way. It’s just a place for people who work at Best Buy or shop at Best Buy to hang out, ask gadget questions, talk about Apple Watch displays, dish about return policies and vacation days, and post photos of the animals they have taken into a Best Buy with them.

There are dogs.

Photo by jayshock89 / Reddit
Photo by pbm9 / Reddit
Photo by swoodrow79 / Reddit

There are cats.

Photo by ndemerson / Reddit

There are ducks.

Photo by damonblood7 / Reddit

There are hedgehogs.

Photo by applefreakemily / Reddit

There is one serval.

Photo by LiveRise / Reddit

A lemur?

Photo by Antartic_Camel / Reddit

I’ve never had a positive experience in a real Best Buy, to be totally honest with you. The last time I was in a Best Buy was the first month of my freshman year of college, and I ran out crying after someone in the “Geek Squad” told me it would cost $450 to replace the broken screen on my junky Sony laptop.

But I have to say, if anything was going to get me back into a Best Buy in this lifetime, it’s a serval. This is way better PR than Best Buy could ever have hoped to purchase for itself with millions of marketing and ad dollars. It also answers the big question haunting Best Buy in the age of online shopping: why should I visit a brick-and-mortar store? To meet cute animals, of course.