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GoPro launches trade-up program to get customers to buy more cameras

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The company’s latest attempt to recover from its loses

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GoPro had a terrible 2016, losing $373 million and recalling its malfunctioning Karma drones. In a new attempt to get people to buy more of its cameras, the company has launched a trade-up program that allows GoPro owners to trade in their previous-generation Hero cameras for $100 off a Hero 5 Black or $50 off a Hero 5 Session.

If you want to replace the GoPro camera you’re not using, you can go to the company’s trade-up website. There, you can pick the camera you want and receive instructions on how to return your old device. Once GoPro gets your old Hero camera, they’ll send back a Hero 5 and recycle the old product.

While the Hero 5 Black and the Hero 5 Session were the number one and two best-selling digital cameras in the US, according to an NPD report, the incentives of reduced cost and recycling show that GoPro may still be struggling to make enough money. In March, the company eliminated 270 employees in its third round of layoffs since the beginning of 2016.

The Hero 6 camera the company plans to launch later this year may boost sales, but the necessity to reduce $200 million in operating costs for 2017 that led to employee cuts reveals that GoPro is just not selling enough cameras.