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Defend a city from killer robots in Overwatch's latest live event

Defend a city from killer robots in Overwatch's latest live event


The Omnic Uprising is here

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Blizzard just revealed new details about its latest Overwatch live event called Uprising. The limited time event, which starts today and lasts until May 1st, will pit up to four players against an army of Omnic robots who are ravaging the city of King’s Row. Players can assume the role of heroes Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, and Mercy to fight off the AI invasion in what looks to be a similar cooperative brawl game mode to Blizzard’s Halloween Terror event last October.

Overwach live events are, of course, a lot of fun. But the real add-on the player base cares about is the new set of hero skins — and the Uprising ones look glorious. The four heroes playable in the Uprising story mission mentioned above get special Overwatch Agent-branded blue skins for players to unlock. For players with a more counterculture aesthetic, you’ll be able to unlock Blackwatch skins for heroes McCree and Genji, while sniper Widowmaker now has a new Talon variety skin. There also appears to be some other goodies thrown in, including comical one-off skins for Torbjörn and Bastion and more than 100 new poses, sprays, and other collectibles.

Even still, there might be additional loot Blizzard is not disclosing here that won’t be fully revealed until the event goes live at some point later today for players in North America. For those who savor the team shooter’s slow drip of story elements, there’s an additional Uprising animated teaser narrated by Tracer that helps set up the new cooperative brawl: