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Google Home can now track flight prices

Google Home can now track flight prices

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Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Some people use the Google Flights Explore Map tool to figure out a vacation destination that works in their budget and schedule. Some people stalk The Flight Deal until something amazing appears that you can’t pass up. (I’m guilty of this. Twice.) For those who already have a destination in mind, today Google Home can now track flight prices and send you periodic updates when significant price changes occur.

You can start with a query like “How much is a roundtrip flight to San Francisco?” then follow up with specific dates if you have them handy. Google Home will tell you the current price, and offer to track price changes if you’re not yet ready to book.

It’s no different than what Google Flights already does, it’s just now available as a Google Assistant voice command so you can multitask flight price checks while doing whatever else you could be doing around the house. To book, you’ll still need to confirm details on a computer or mobile browser. When will Google be able to just plan a vacation for me?